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DK-Dragon Knight Guide! (Skills/Stats/Builds)

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DK-Dragon Knight Guide! (Skills/Stats/Builds)

Post  Against on Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:42 pm

Your 5 free resets:
Until you reach LV40 you can reset ALL of your stats points/skills/proficiencies back to default values, you will NOT lose the points you accumulated, you just have to re-add. With this in mind, I believe the following build is easiest to LVL until you decide at LV35+ what your final build will be. To reset your points open up your character info "press C", then underneath your "Combat and Dragonic" skill points there is a reset skill points line with a "R", beside it is a box with the remaining resets you have left.

About skills:
This game is heavily dependant on skills, it is honestly dumb to make a character solely stat based for DK's, Valk's can be purely stat builds with only Passives Maxed. Skills deal large amounts of damage and can be chained based on effects (skills cannot be dodged!). For example, the beginner Combat skill has a chance of Stun, then Illusion Dance does extra damage if the person is stunned. Many of the combat skills work like this. Also, later on Debuff's will be vital in taking down enemies fast. Also allows for increased damage done to higher tier enemies (ie. bosses).

First 40 points into > Combat
-Allows you to learn all the basic Combat skills

Skill points > Learn all the Combat skills
-Using skills while hunting is a lot faster than just hitting, also allows new players to practice skill queuing and spamming skills

Stats > Do a 1:2 ratio with STR:AGI
-Do STR in moderation to wear higher tier items, but the AGI is critical because it increases your CRIT/Dodge/overall survivability (easiest to solo and hunt monsters at the beginning)

After you reach LV30+ you should start deciding if you're going to be a Combat DK or a Dragonic build.

Passive Skills
Sword > Max Sword Mastery, Block, Lucky Hit
Spear > Max Spear Mastery, Block, Lucky Hit, the attack training thing (+hit rate)

Sword > Don't need to waste points, use the speed stance
Spear > You can use the Hearmius Pushback only need to make it LV3

Combat DK
Max the two Crit buffs
Then you need to save a bunch of Combat points to learn the bottom high tier attacks, I'll post back later with the names, the first 10~ skills are useless later on, too weak and not enough chains that work with the other skills

Dragonic DK
Max mark of spirit
Max Barehand Dragon Form, but watch the SP requirement
Max the two debuffs
Max Claw, Fist, and Fireblast?
Don't bother with Arctic thingie

Hybrid DK
Don't really do this till LV cap increase because you need many skills for this build to be effective.
Max Crit Buffs, same high tier skillset as a combat DK
Max Debuffs, mark of spirit from dragon side, and the Explosion Attack (the red one above Mark of Spirit)

Please notice for all these builds, you're concentrating a lot of your points into Combat/Dragon so you need to be careful how you allocate points into STR/AGI for the armors/weapons you're wearing. Also, I noticed that with STR you can place all your points here to wear higher Tier items, or you can keep your STR for a particular Tier that you want and upgrade, this way you can place your points into AGI. I guess having like 200 Dragonic and rest into STR would be the "poor-man's" build since you just stack one side and don't increase your AGI. However, it would seem like a person with Divine+Upgraded lower Tier items with AGI would outclass a pure Combat/Dragonic + STR build.

If you followed for Hybrid let's say you will be a beast if your like me xD Be a Player Killing Beast xD

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