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How to save SP (Guide)

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How to save SP (Guide)

Post  darkimp on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:29 am

*Note: I'm still here though i don't have time to play as i'm moving out at the moment and have no internet YET! I'll be back soon i hope.

Ok i've seen countless threads an posts complaining about running out or low on SP, so i've written this guide to show how to acquire SP, but also how to manage your SP you end up earning it instead of having broken weapons ending up having to make a new account(we all want higher ranks after all).

I will go over sections in a numbered step by step solution as follows for quick reference:

1.Starting off, how much SP should you keep when making a new account and what to buy.

2.The SP bar explained and how to earn SP.

3.How to spend your SP effectively and how to save it.

4.What premium items are useful and which ones too avoid.

*5.How to use duffle bags to full effect.*NEW SECTION*

1. How much SP should you keep when making a new account, and what to buy.

Ok so first off, before you start your serious account, find out which gun best suits you, make a few other accounts an try a few of the weapons, you can buy at least 2, 3 at max with just 1 account, this account won't be kept, just using practising with guns an finding out which 1 is your favourite.

First gun I tried out was the M16, personally for me this has to much recoil and the accuracy is terrible, this is only my personal opinion and taste others will disagree, 2nd i used the P90, this gun is PERFECT for beginners, brilliant at close quarters combat, rubbish at long distance however. My personal favourite however are the PSG-1 an the M4A1, both these guns are accurate, have next to no recoil(if controlled properly), and fast firing rates, when experienced with, these guns are deadly.

Anyway, experiment with weapons and get at least 1 sniper, and 1 Assault weapon with your 69k HOWEVER, if you want to buy anything else by all means do, BUT and this is important KEEP 10k spare for repairs(Do this only with the account you intend on keeping). Don't fret however, you will get another 30k when you rank to buy another weapon if you don't like the one's you have picked or you want a 3rd(The 3 i picked were PSG-1, M4A1 and the P90 but i hardly ever use it).

Once you have picked your weapons, i don't recommend you buy a secondary, why? because they need repairs constantly which is a waist of SP considering you'll hardly ever use it unless your a sniper, if your a rifle user you will never need it because you have enough ammo to take out 5 people minimum! plus, the SP you used to buy the secondary weapon is also a waist(i made this mistake, however my pistol is now broken and i only use it when i have a sniper and i need to attack someone up close and dispose of them quickly).

If you do choose to buy a secondary weapon put it in the type you keep your sniper rifle in if any and also BUY A PISTOL shotguns cost to much money and that SP could be used to buy a 3rd weapon or nades + armours.

2. The SP bar explained and how to earn SP.

Ok, so you're running low on SP for repairs "OH NOSE!" but there is hope! In the form of the SP recharge bar!

You may notice a bar(as shown below circled in red).

This is your SP recharge bar and for now is the only way you can acquire SP.
This bar will gradually fill up the more you play and once you have acquire enough kills it will go back to 0 and you will receive 10k SP, this SP should only be used for repairs. There is other ways of earning SP but i won't go through them in this guide.

3. How to spend your SP efficiently and how to save it.

Now you know how to get SP, how do you keep some for yourself?
First of all in game, do not waste bullets,
Example: If you're 70+M away from your enemy but do not have a sniper, don't bother trying to kill him, it's just a waste of bullets and the more you use your gun the more it will take to repair it, this also happens if you die a lot.

Once you feel you are skilled with a certain weapon and have practiced enough, if you get say, twice your deaths or more every round, you are more likely when your next SP recharge to find out you have 1-2kSP left from your previous recharge.
This SP should either be spent on nades, item/armour to aid you or save it for weapons to be released in future updates.
If you decide to buy armour(s) ALWAYS go for the most expensive 1, because it's well worth the SP and you will have at least 1 more SP recharge within a month.

Another way to save your SP is when special events come along, recently we have had multiple events 1of which was the SP event where when you played a game at the end you would receive SP based on your performance, this is excellent because the SP you get is more than enough to repair your weapon so when you get an SP recharge, your getting 10k, on top of the 10k you have saved and this will happen every time you get an SP recharge when this event is activated.

4. What premium items are useful and what ones too avoid.

Ok so premium items are out "HOORAY!!!! TIME TOO SPEND $$$$ ON E COINS!!!" no -.-, just no.
Recently i have been on forums and found a thread in which 1 person spent 100s of dollars on G coin and had a screenshot of god knows how many E coin and over 460kSP, this in my opinion is just a waste of money becuase in 1 month, i have spent £5(that's $10 too you americans), 5% of what he spent mimimum and i have OVER 25% of what he has(spent around 60kSP of it on amrour n replay though ^^). So i give you a choice, if your Mr. moneybags and don't mind spending the $$$$$ on this game then please don't read any further, those of you who wish too save alotta money and earn alot, read on .

Yay!!!! you choose too read on ^^ good for you. Now first of all you will need the double up item, this item is AWESOME for earning SP and EXP alike, i usually buy it for a month as this is all i need its well priced and fantastic if your a skilled player. If you buy this item, your best too play over 24hrs a week in order too get the most out of your money, i usually play around 50 hrs a week, but more you play, the more outta your money you will get.

You probably thought "Wait a minute, what about the Instant SP items?" well i sudgst you do NOT get them unless you need the SP BADLY or you want too look cool , reason is becuase they are very expensive and we don't all have money, so only buy these if it's ABSOLUTALLY NESSACERRY.
Lastly, the other items, i won't advise nor sudgest them becuase they are for entertainment and further control of your gameplay and charecters so from here on it's your choice.

5. How to use duffles bags to full effect.

Ok first off in each duffle bag you will get 3 items except the last which gives you 4.
Below is the list an ranks which you have to reach befor you open it:

Duffle Bag #1
Required Rank: Private
-Double up (3 days)
-Prevent Team Kill (3 days)
-30K SP

Duffle Bag #2
Required Rank: Staff Sergeant
-Double Exp (7 days)
-nakalimutan ko ung isa hehe
-10K SP

Duffle Bag #3
Required Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
-HeadShot 5% (7 Days)
-You can get special item if you open this bag. you can get 1 of the following
-Fa-Mas, 357(ung Paltik)
-Pick up weapons

Best way i see it is to wait till 2nd Lieutenant an THEN open the 2 duffle bags an play as much as you can becuase you get 20k an you get SP per round for the next 3 days meaning you've got SP to spend! Or if your 1 of those who has no SP then save it! don't buy anything until you've saved up some more using the methods i have provided!

Credits goes to vani from ijji forums and the rest of edits are mine xD

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Re: How to save SP (Guide)

Post  HotAngel on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:52 pm


Use this to unpack and pack sf files

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Re: How to save SP (Guide)

Post  Against on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:26 pm

Not bad darkimp, and Angel Smile this info looks pretty good Smile
(Would rather go on more with A.V.A Very Happy)

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Re: How to save SP (Guide)

Post  dalton on Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:22 am

You have the duffle bags all wrong, which is a fail. Here is the system:

DuffleBag A - Required Rank: Staff sergeant
- x2 Points (3 days)
- Prevent team kill (3 days)
- 20000 Sp
DuffleBag B - Required Rank: 2nd Lieutenint
- Double Up (3 days)
- Headshot points +5% (3 days)
- Pickup Weapon (3 days)
DuffleBag C - Required Rank: Major
- Quick Weapon Change (3 days)
- Colour Codename (3 days)
- One of the following weapons: An94 / Sig551 / M249 (7 days)
DuffleBag D - Required Rank Lietenint Colonel
- Double Up (3 days)
- One of the following weapons: Alcad m4 / Engraving PSG-1 (7 days)


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Re: How to save SP (Guide)

Post  HotAngel on Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:17 pm

Well is a game i never really played so sorry about that anyway Smile

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Re: How to save SP (Guide)

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